Private In-person Coaching
Take your communication to the next level
and make a lasting impression
Hone your craft
Do you present or teach regularly?

Let's work together one-on-one to magnify your personal strengths, and bring your communication skills up to the next level.

Speech Prep
Do you have an important keynote or speech?

Your upcoming presentation can be more clear, more engaging, and more memorable. Make the best possible impression.

Event Coaching
Are you organizing a conference or event?

A few hours of coaching with each speaker will take your entire event up a notch, adding value with no downside risk.

How Coaching works

1Initial Public Speaking Consultation

First we arrange a time to meet and get to know each other. I'll ask you to present something to me, and you'll get immediate feedback on your speaking strengths and potential improvements.

I'll share a proposed coaching plan for the most effective communication in the least time. You only pay for the initial consultation if we continue working together.

In-person consultation is always best, especially in the Salt Lake City, UT area, but I can also consult via video, phone, or e-mail.

2Coaching Sessions

At each session, we focus on one of the 8 public speaking skills (at left). I will demonstrate different tips and techniques.

You will improve your presentation skills when we identify new techniques that best fit your personality and style, then you make small adjustments to real-life presentations.

Corporate, executive coaching, and personal coaching is available. I'll come to your home or office in Salt Lake or Utah Counties. Video chat available outside the area. I can video your progress on request.

3Coaching Resources

Improve your public speaking skills For each public speaking technique we employ, I will provide summary cards that provide cummunication tips and step-by-step public speaking examples. The cards serve 3 functions: explanation of how a the skills engage the listener, step by step implementation instructions, and pre-written examples.

On-site In-person Coaching

Standard Pricing - $145 / hr*
  • Written Agreement, no minimums
  • Monthly Invoicing
Prepaid Pricing - $100 / hr*
  • Verbal Agreement Only - 30% discount
  • Min 3 hr non-refundable prepayment
Remote Pricing - $80 / hr
  • Zoom, phone, email, slides, editing, etc.
  • Prepaid deposit - 15 minute billing

* Rates include travel to your location in Utah or Salt Lake County. Any other negotiated pricing based on minimum commitment and travel requirements.

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